How do I become a Volunteer?

1. Register at the Fulton School Safety And Security
2. Complete the mandatory online training.
3. Complete the volunteer application. (Will appear immediately after training.)
4. Wait for a confirmation email from Fulton County Schools. Can take up to 48 hours to process. You will not be allowed to volunteer in school if this has not been processed. Please register early.

Volunteers needed for the following events! Please sign up!



Email Address


School wide snacks                                    (Oct, Dec, Feb, May)

Amy Padgett

Red Ribbon Week                              (Sept 18-22)

Kelley Jones

Business Partners

Amy Christiansen

College and Career Center

Julie Hink

Media Center

Julie Hink


Jessica Beck


Parent Education Meeting               (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March, April)

Mimi Madrid

Legislative Advocate

Leigh Ann Maloney


Leah Abbott

Staff Appreciation/Hospitality                 (Aug, Sept, Dec, Feb, March, April)

Suzanne Spalding

Student Directory

Mayra Northen

R.A.C.K Week                                              (Feb 13-15)

Mary Burns

Student Scholarship

Jenny Fettes